Prague Field School

Photo Credit: Leyenda Pettit (alum 2016)

"Prague stands at the crossroads of the most important historical, 
cultural, artistic, religious, and  political developments in all of Europe."

Beginning in May each summer, the department offers an 8-week field school in Prague, the Czech Republic. Students participate in an in-depth study of European society and culture, literature, art, film and contemporary politics seen through the windows of the Czech Republic. The program begins with classwork and orientation sessions at SFU in the first week of the summer semester, followed by 7 weeks of study and field trips in the 
Czech Republic.

Students will
• Get an introduction to the Czech language
• Take five 1-day field trips outside of Prague

• Go on a 4-day field trip to southern Bohemia
• Take short excursions to explore the richness and complexity of the city

• Earn 11 credits in three Humanities courses:

HUM 240-3    Studies in European Cultures
HUM 340-4    Great Cities in their Time and Place: Prague
HUM 375-4    Woodsworth Seminar

The Field School Director is a faculty member in Humanities who teaches one course. 
The other two courses are taught by Charles University faculty members

Classes usually meet in the Faculty of Arts building of Charles University on the edge of the Old Town, 
overlooking the Vltava River and Prague Castle.

Shared accommodation is in the AMU (Academy of Performing Arts) Hotel, close to the Charles Bridge and at the foot of the Prague Castle.

Funding is available: Third or fourth year SFU students who have completed two Humanities courses 
can apply for the Institute of the Humanities Travel Study Award (value $1500). Students may also be 
eligible to apply for International Exchange/Field School Bursaries.

Eligibility: In addition to meeting Standard Eligibility Requirements, applicants should have completed 
45 credit hours, or have permission of the Field School director. It is recommended that students should 
have taken at least one course that meets the "W" [Writing] requirement. 

Students from departments outside of Humanities are encouraged to apply.

Note that courses taken in the field school will apply to a Humanities Major, Minor, Joint Major program. 
See the advisor, Alice Hartley, for more information: AQ5115, 778-782-4094,

For more information and to apply go to the SFU International website:
or visit SFU International in MBC 1200
Tel 778-782-4232 / Email: