Touch Point interaction design conference February 14 + 15, 2013

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Touchpoint is an interaction design Conference connecting interaction design students to industry leaders. The conference includes talks by industry representives, a panel discussion, documentary screenings, and one-on-one interviews with design organizations.

The second annual TouchPoint event will be held at SFU Surrey on Thursday, February 14th and Friday, Feburary 15th, 2013. We hope that you will take time to be part of this event. To reserve your ticket to the conference, please RSVP NOW.

Touchpoint 2013 Lineup of Speakers


TouchPoint is an opportunity to hear what is going on in industry and professional practice from the leading companies in our field. The companies invited to attend in most cases have historically been some of the highest employers of SIAT students and graduates. Each company will present a topic in a theme, and then a panel will follow in which synergy can be pursued across the multiple views and outlooks.

Students will have the opportunity (by competition) to have one-on-one interviews with those companies who are recruiting for internships or other opportunities or who simply wish to speak to our students one-on-one to gauge the potential fit of the SIAT students with their organization.

A second day will provide an opportunity to have further one-on-one interviews with industry leaders, as well as enjoy the free screening of the premiere of documentary films: Archidutch (on Dutch Architecture) and Dutchness (on Dutch Design).


TouchPoint provides an opportunity to connect with SIAT, SFU and the IDRC (Interaction Design Research Centre) in a substantive way. To build networks and relationships. They will have the opportunity to meet our students and see their work as to the potential firm within the organization to fulfill needs and to establish working relationships through the students and graduates of the SIAT Design program. They will have the opportunity to connect to the thriving and active professional Interaction Design community in Vancouver, many of whom are graduates of the SIAT Design program. And they will have an opportunity to see what other companies are doing and thinking about.


TouchPoint provides the opportunity for local professionals to connect with the invited companies and network. To share ideas and to work at creating a stronger culture for exchange through the IDRC (Interaction Design Research Centre) network. These individuals may find ways in which their companies may be able to connect to the IDRC, to SIAT and to SFU. And it will provide the opportunity to do professional development and connect across the culture with other professionals. SIAT graduates will find the opportunity to connect their alma mater and the larger networked community that has been fostered over the years.


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Event Locations

Presentations & Panel Discussion and the Dutch Design Film Screenings will be the SFU Surrey Theatre in Room 2600. The location(s) of interviews with Industry Professionals will be detailed in an email if your portfolio application is chosen.

Documentary Screenings

Touchpoint welcomes the premiere screening of Dutchness and ArchiDUTCH, documenting the current state of design and architecture in the Netherlands. Progetto, a film focusing on Italian designers and their design process will also be premiering (to be confirmed). Guests with and without eventbrite tickets are welcome to join in viewing these films, but please be aware that seating is limited.

Industry Representatives

Matt Conway + Ric Ewing - Frog

Creative Director at frog, Principle Designer at frog

Alaa Mendili + Tai Hubbert - Digital Kitchen

Creative Technologist at Digital Kitchen, Director of Recruiting at Digital Kitchen

Alex Riegelman - Crispin, Porter + Bogusky

Senior Experience Designer at Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Kim Laama + Michael Smith - AKQA

Creative Director at AKQA, Senior Creative Recruiter at AKQA

Don Chisholm - Dossier

Founder, CCO at Dossier

Connor Lowe - SAP

Interaction Designer at SAP

Tracey Shaw and Mami Shimada (Thursday) + Ben Ng and Adam Crandall (Friday) - Habanero

Industry Rep Bios

Matt Conway - Frog

Matt Conway is a Creative Director at frog (formerly frog Design). Matt earned his PhD in computer science from the University of Virginia for the design of a 3D game­programming system for children called Alice. Since then, he has worked as a 3D user interface researcher at Microsoft Research, and as a program manager on the ClearType team at Microsoft. Now, at frog, Matt leads teams of designers, technologists, and business strategists in the creation of easy-to-use and beautiful interfaces for phones, tablets, TVs, Web sites, retail stores, and sometimes even airplanes and cars.

Ric Ewing - Frog

Ric is an Emmy award winning interaction designer and developer with over 20 years experience in the creation of digital experiences. He enjoys using his diverse background in design, R&D, games and mobile development to find solutions to even the most wicked design challenges. Fluent in both traditional design as well as software and hardware development, he views all mediums as viable spaces for creativity and innovation.

Alaa Mendili - Digital Kitchen

Alaa graduated from the University of Quebec with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and is currently working as a Creative Technologist at Digital Kitchen in Seattle. His love for anything digital was born from his curiosity and excitement for working on experiences that create an emotional connection with people. Over the years, he has worked on multiple award-winning projects that utilized technology, design and storytelling. Prior to joining Digital Kitchen, he fostered a passion for interactive storytelling at B-Reel in Stockholm and New York. Earlier in his career, Alaa worked as a Digital Creative at Montreal-based agencies Sid Lee and Bleu Blanc Rouge.

Tai Hubbert - Digital Kitchen

Tai joined Digital Kitchen in 2007 and has supported all levels of relationship development for the company - with clients as Director of New Business and with talent as a creative recruitment manager. Prior to DK, Tai managed a creative staffing firm where she recruited hundreds of artists for full-time and freelance positions with agency and corporate clients, from Publicis to Hornall Anderson and Nike. Tai's expertise is using her intimate understanding of an agency's unique offering, culture, and vision to find talent who will truly thrive in the organization. She received a BA in Fine Art & 3D Computer Animation from Hampshire College and also teaches yoga and meditation in the Seattle area.

Michael Smith - AKQA

Michael Smith is a Senior Creative Recruiter at AKQA San Francisco. Prior to moving to the Bay Area, he worked at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Google, meebo, and several other startups. He holds an MFA in creative writing, as well as degrees in English Literature and Social Sciences. At AKQA, Michael introduces great talent to world class work.

Kim Laama - AKQA

Alex Riegelman - CP+B

Alex Riegelman is a Senior Experience Designer at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Industrial Design. After graduating he began work at the Research and Development Labs of General Motors, defining the future of interaction design in their vehicles. Now at CP+B, he is exploring the intersection of experience design, brands, and advertising.

Don Chisholm - Dossier

Don is founder and Creative Director at Dossier. After graduating from Capilano's graphic design program, Don started his career working with a team of multi-disciplinary designers and architects on Expo '86 pavilion experiences where he learned the art of story telling. Following Expo, he founded Dossier and began working with businesses to leverage the power of story and compelling design. Over the years, Don has spearheaded new ways of applying design thinking across several sectors of business. In the mid 90's, he was engaged to create a new beverage category for Mission Hill Wines of Okanagan BC. The result was the birth of Mike's Hard Lemonade; a phenomenal market success from launch until present. Today, Don leads Dossier's design + innovation practice, developing business models, product, brands and experiences for entrepreneurial minded organizations. He is passionate about working in the intersection of design and business and cultivating a new generation of thinkers to drive business and social innovation.

Connor Lowe - SAP

Connor Lowe is an interaction designer from Vancouver. Currently working as an interaction designer at SAP's Vancouver office, Connor suggests that his strongest attribute is his ability to explore problems at high altitudes while continuously crafting details. Previously, Connor worked in the interaction design field for Blast Radius and Scouting Solutions, as well as founding the branding agency, Creative Room.

Ed Prinsen - SAP

Tracey Shaw - Habanero

With Habanero since 2000, Senior Designer Tracey Shaw is responsible for designing and developing engaging user interfaces and navigation schemes that support the end-user experience. With expertise in usability testing, typography, colour theory, and design aesthetics, she applies her creative talents and skills on a wide range of website, intranet, and web-based application projects. Tracey also manages some of Habanero's user experience projects, provides guidance and thought leadership to members of the user experience team, and has been instrumental in developing a partnership with Simon Fraser University's Co-op Program in order to attract new talent to the company.

Mami Shimada - Habanero

Staffing and Resourcing Coordinator Mami Shimada works collaboratively with employees at Habanero to determine which talented team member contributes to the next exciting and innovative project. Additionally, she supports the recruitment and hiring of new employees at Habanero.
Prior to joining Habanero, Mami worked for The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay where she managed the relay's school program, as well as the selection and recruitment of 7,000 participants across Canada. She has extensive experience coordinating and executing various projects for the non-profit, legal, and health sectors. Mami graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Human Geography.

Ben Ng - Habanero

Interaction Designer Benedict Ng uses his extensive knowledge and passion for user-centred design to produce intuitive, creative, and elegant online experiences. Working as both an information architect and visual designer, Benedict couples his traditional graphic design skills with his expertise in design methods such as participatory workshops, rapid-prototyping, and ethnography to create wireframes and mockups for a variety of intranets, websites and web applications. He also has experience conducting usability research including usability testing and card sorting.

Adam Crandall - Habanero

Staffing and Resource Manager Adam Crandall works with employees at Habanero to determine what projects or internal initiatives they will be involved in. His role is integral to advancing a 'balanced scorecard' approach to resourcing that seeks to effectively balance financial performance, client value, and employee satisfaction. Adam ensures key stakeholders are brought into the staffing conversation at the right time and he works closely with almost every employee at the company to ensure that their strengths and career goals are considered when staffing projects. As well, he plays a major role in recruitment and hiring for the organization.

About the Interaction Design Research Centre

The Interaction Design Research Centre is dedicated to enhancing the efficacy, capacity, and quality of interaction design research locally and internationally.
Key objectives for the centre include:

  1. Support the sharing of existing design knowledge and research with end users of technologies and designers engaged in meeting their needs;

  2. Advance new ideas, methods, and concepts in interaction design;

  3. Expand the recognition, role and scope of interaction design in industry, government, financial and other organizations;

  4. Promote interdisciplinary research and collaborations in interaction design;

  5. Engage industry, community organizations, and government on the role and opportunities for design knowledge, quality of design of interaction design technologies, systems and interaction design related research and training;

  6. Enhance the ability of organizations to engage with their constituencies through interaction design;

  7. Partner with professional interaction design firms and companies to broaden awareness of the value of interaction design research and opportunities for collaborative research and training;

  8. Support undergraduate and graduate training, internships and placements in interaction design related fields.

The Interaction Design Research Centre aims to embody a community engaged, socially conscious outlook, and interdisciplinary approaches that best exemplify SFU research. The centre will draw on research strengths of SFU researchers who have advanced new ideas in areas of mobile, wearable, ubiquitous, and tangible computing that have led to new understandings of human interaction, learning, entertainment, art, environmental sustainability, cultural heritage, design, and other areas. Learn more here.

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TOUCHPOINT Interaction Design Conference is apart of SFU and the School of Interactive Act and Technology for the Interaction Design Research Centre. Visit the 2012 Touchpoint website.