An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis Framework


There is growing recognition that governments should be evaluated by their ability to deliver and implement policy that can correct power imbalances and address differential and distributional health impacts including avoidable, inequitable and unjust differences in the health of diverse groups of people. An intersectionality-based policy analysis (IBPA) Framework has been developed to improve upon current Health Impact Asessment (HIAs) tools and frameworks. This volume provides an overview of the IBPA Framework and brings together scholars who have developed and applied this innovative policy analysis approach to complex health issues in and beyond British Columbia, Canada. The collection demonstrates the ways in which IBPA may be used by diverse policy actors who seek to tackle health inequities when making health and health-related decisions at the level of policy and programming.

(Olena Hankivsky is a professor in the School of Public Policy and Director of the Institute for Intersectionality Research and Policy at Simon Fraser University.)

Table of Content
1. Introduction: Why Intersectionality Matters for Health Equity and Policy Analysis
Olena Hankivsky, Daniel Grace, Gemma Hunting and Olivier Ferlatte
2. An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis Framework
Olena Hankivsky, Daniel Grace, Gemma Hunting, Olivier Ferlatte, Natalie Clark, Alycia Fridkin, Melissa Giesbrecht, Sarah Rudrum and Tarya Laviolette
3. An Intersectional Critical Discourse Analysis of Maternity Care Policy Recommendations in British Columbia
Sarah Rudrum
4. Intersectionality and the ‘Place’ of Palliative Care Policy in British Columbia, Canada
Melissa Giesbrecht
5. A Call for a Policy Paradigm Shift: An Intersectionality Based Analysis of FASD Policy
Gemma Hunting
6. Decolonizing Policy Processes: An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis of Policy Processes Surrounding the Kelowna Accord
Alycia Fridkin
7. Perseverance, Determination and Resistance: An Indigenous Intersectional-Based Policy Analysis of Violence in the Lives of Indigenous Girls
Natalie Clark
8. Reconceiving the ‘Problem’ in HIV Prevention: HIV Testing Technologies and the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure
Daniel Grace
9. Are There Enough Gay Dollars? An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis of HIV Prevention Funding for Gay Men in Brit- ish Columbia, Canada
Olivier Ferlatte

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