IMMR Photo Gallery - Actuators

Electro-thermal actuator (Heatuator)

This heatuator is approximately 200 um long. It draw approximately 25 mW of power, providing a maximum actuation distance of 10 um.

Heatuator SEM
Heatuator Pair SEM

Heatuator Pair

These actuators are the same size as the one mentioned above. When more force is required than can be provided by a single heatuator, they are combined into arrays.

These heatuators are linked together in the simplest method possible. The rod connecting them together is so thin, it bends. More complicated designs provide more lateral flexure for the heatuators. Additionally, bearing joints or pin-in-slot connections are possible.

Heatuator Array

Like above, this heatuators have been connected to provide more force. Notice the more detailed linkages.

Heatuator Gang SEM
Impact Heatuators SEM

Impact Heatuators

These are sometimes called impact actuators, or impactuators! ;)

When these heatuators are activated, they hit the central piece at an angle. They are run in pairs so that their inward motions cancel, but their lateral motion add. The central piece can then be moved.

The left pair drive the central piece to the left, and the right pair drive to the right.

Linear Comb Drive

Another type of basic actuator is the comb drive. The interlocking fingers are attracted to each other when a voltage is applied. The central portion is a special type of spring that is flexible in the direction of the finger, but stiff in other directions.

Rotary comb drives are also possible.

Linear Comb Drive SEM