IMMR Photo Gallery - Gears and Linkages

Forward/Reverse Gear Traing

These gears are design so that the central gear can be moved to two separate positions. The output gear of this gear train will move in opposite directions based on the position of the central gear.

Forward/Reverse Gear Train SEM
Linkage with box springs SEM

Linkage with Box Springs

This linkage has two box springs. These springs act like conventional linear springs. Their spring constants can be readily calculated in advance either through analytic or numeric techniques.

Gear Trains

Two different perspectives on a gear train.

Gear Train SEM Gear Train SEM
Bi-stable Switch Heart SEM

Heart of the Bi-Stable Switch

This part is called the heart because of its shape. It controls the motion of the rod under actuation to provide a bi-stable switch.

Unfortunately, this part does not. It may require a planarized technology, like SUMMiT, to succeed.


The staple in the middle of the image was only suppose to keep the link from leaving the surface of the wafer. Unfortunately, the various layer thickness were miscalculated and so the link cannot move sideways, either.

Gear Train SEM