IMMR Photo Gallery - Optics

Fresnel-Zone Plate

Fresnel-Zone Plates (FZPs) are a type of diffractive optics. They rely on the construtive and destrutive interference of light to achieve their function. FZPs can be used a lenses. Typically applications include focussing and collimating light.


Fresnel-Zone Plate

A close up of the FZP.

Configurable Diffraction Grating

This SEM shows have of the configurable diffraction grating. Presented is a simple diffraction grating. The second diffraction grating is off the right side of the image.

The vertical support for the paired diffraction gratings is resting over the gratings.

Configurable Diffraction Grating SEM
Single Crystal Mirror SEM

Single Crystal Mirror

While bulk micromachining is comparatively crude, it has a big advantage in optics. Single-crystal mirrors and be virtually perfectly flat.

This mirror is connected to the wafer by a torsional hinge. The hinge is offset from the center of the mirror. Vibrating the mirror will also cause it to rotate, and so can be used as a scanner.