The Design Team

Maria Trinh
Maria Trinh is completing her final year in the School of Engineering Science at SFU, in the area of Biomedical Systems. She wishes to pursue furthur studies in MEMS particularly for the benefit of biomedical applications.

Ian Foulds
Ian is a fifth year systems engineer. His interests lie in control systems, green energy and micromachining. He is happily married at the age of 22 and hopes to invent the world's greatest widget and retire by the age of 30 to pursue his interest in wooden boat building.

Steven Liao
Steven is a fifth year engineering student in the Electronics Option. His area of interest includes MEMS, telecommunications, and optical communications. In the near future, Steven wishes to pursue further studies in one of these fields somewhere in Canada or in the US. As for leisure, his main hobbies are basketball and Chinese Kung-Fu.

Sam Hu
When not outside climbing rocks, Sam can often be found typing away as his keyboard or assembling his latest and greatest project that will allow him to solve all the worlds problems. Either that or he is working on the many homework assignments that were due yesterday; the result of being in his final year of studies at Simon Fraser University

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