Current INS Students

These following guidelines are designed to make clear what is normally expected of INS graduate students. All students will be evaluated according to the guidelines at the end of each year. Students in noncompliance of the guidelines will have their cases reviewed by the INS Steering Committee. The penalty for noncompliance may result in a suspension of financial support or withdrawal from the graduate program.

General INS Guidelines

  1. INS students are expected to maintain a minimum CGPA grade point average of 3.50 with a minimum letter grade of B in each course.
  2. INS students are normally expected to successfully complete all course work within five terms of the start of their program.
  3. Students are expected to have a minimum of two committee meetings per academic year and submit one annual graduate progress report online.
  4. Thesis proposals are expected to be presented orally within six terms of the start of their program. This can be done during one of the regular committee meetings.
  5. INS students are required to follow their program requirements. Any course work done outside of approved program requirements may not count towards the minimum program requirements.
  6. All degree requirements are expected to be completed within twelve terms for doctoral and six terms for master students.

Failure to achieve any of these guidelines will normally result in a student’s progress as being deemed unsatisfactory. The penalty for unsatisfactory performance may result in withdrawal from the program.

Directed Readings

All directed readings courses must be taken through INS. Course proposals will be submitted using the Directed Readings Course Proposal form prior to enrollment in the course

Graduate Progress Report

Graduate progress reports must be completed online every year.