Liberal & Business Studies Program

Course Structure & Cohorts

Courses in the LBS program are drawn from the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences; Business; Communication, Art, and Technology; Applied Sciences; and Science. All participants enrol in two courses each semester, three semesters per year. Courses are completed in a planned sequence, with each class building a foundation for those that follow. You'll apply what you learn, both in class and on the job.

As a working adult student, you will feel at home in the LBS program. Admission, advising, registration and distribution of course materials are structured to meet your needs.

Instructional methods vary with each course. They can include lectures, case studies, and team projects, along with small and large group discussions. Some courses (such as mathematics, economics and statistics) will have extra tutorials or review sessions scheduled in the evenings, providing more opportunities for learning. From time to time, guest speakers from business and/or government will share their expertise. Individual contributions to class discussions and presentations are encouraged. Assignments may include essays, group or individual presentations, and case studies.

Some courses require pre-reading prior to the first class, while others are structured around mid-term and final examinations. When a final exam is required, it will be scheduled after the last class of the semester.

The Cohort Model

A cohort is a group of peers and colleagues who work in partnership toward the same goal. The benefits of cohort learning are many. Students have an opportunity to share their professional and personal experiences, their industry knowledge, and their approaches to organizational challenges in a classroom setting.

Each student in the cohort is expected to be able to work independently as well as in a group throughout the program. The cohort model has sometimes been described by students as a replication of their own organizations. The skills and knowledge developed here relate directly or indirectly to the workplace.


"This program was a tremendous experience. I particularly enjoyed the teamwork and sharing knowledge."

Ian Warrender
Project Manager & Trainer,
Victoria, BC


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