Liberal & Business Studies Program

Program Length

The program is three years (nine semesters) in length; classes are held during the daytime on Fridays and Saturdays every two weeks, six times each semester. Our office will register you in your courses each semester, and your class schedule will be communicated to you as far in advance as possible. Classes will generally begin at either 8:30 or 9 am. Course outlines will be posted well in advance of the start of each semester.

Sample Schedule

"This program gave me the opportunity to realize a goal I have had for many years. I always wanted to earn an undergraduate degree, and because of this program I am able to work full time, raise my family, and achieve a personal goal I never thought possible. Being part of a cohort has made learning more diverse. The process of sharing and working together develops camaraderie. Together we help one another to be successful."

Laura Liberty
Manager, Retail Field Support
Pacific Division, Canada Post Corporation


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