Past Recipients


Robert Anderson 
Professor of Communication 

Dr. Bob Anderson has been a professor at SFU's School of Communication since 1977. Trained as an anthropologist at the University of Chicago (1971), he has developed expertise in historical analysis. His teaching focusses on the areas of international negotiation and dialogue, and conflict analysis, and is proud of his long supervision of excellent graduate students. He grew up in Africa and British Columbia, and from his late teens he has been studying and researching in Asia. He was the first director of the Dialogue Institute in the Centre for Dialogue 2000-2004 and had the privilege of drawing together—with others—an international network called the Dialogue Associates. He was responsible (with others) for initiating the foreign policy dialogues and the Afghanistan dialogues during the 2000s. With others, he helped found the “Devs-Group” at SFU in 2001, a cross-campus network of people interested in development and sustainability. And since 1999 he has been building a network of young environmentalists in Myanmar and encouraging formation of a graduate environmental studies program at the University of Yangon. 


Peter Anderson
Associate Professor, School of Communications and Director, Telematics Research Laboratory

An SFU alumnus, Peter has dedicated much of his career to improving the world’s capacity to respond to emergencies, and his expertise is sought internationally. His work impacts populations and organizations across the world on a daily basis. Professor Anderson has worked at SFU for more than 40 years. He has pioneered new online systems for international and Canadian humanitarian and disaster-relief organizations, including the UN’s first Internet tool for humanitarian relief activities, and a tsunami early-warning toolkit now used in coastal communities worldwide. His research has also contributed to communication solutions and innovative technology for planetary and lunar explorations.


Yuezhi Zhao
Professor, School of Communication and Co-director, Global Communication M.A. Double Degree Program

Dr. Yuezhi Zhao, an SFU alumna, has worked for SFU for over 10 years engaging communities both in Canada and internationally. Her work on globalization has impacted the research and the delivery of education, including advancing opportunities for scholars and communities. She has published numerous international papers and led the development of a dual degree program for SFU and the Communication University of China.

Ian Andrews

Dr. Ian Andrews, an SFU alumnus, dedicated his career to education, and worked in international education for 32 years. He initiated and developed projects and programs around the world. He taught, mentored, supported, and supervised hundreds of international and domestic students in the Faculty of Education. His work had a profound impact on the internationalization of SFU, the Faculty, and on the many colleagues, students, and friends he touched along the way.