Assistant Professor of International Studies

The School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) invites applications for a tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor to begin September 2019. We invite applicants from any social science discipline with research on post-conflict dynamics and processes of reconstruction (e.g., transitional justice, peace-keeping/peace-building, social integration and reconciliation, state building, economic development in post-conflict contexts). We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in Africa, the Middle East, and South or Southeast Asia. 

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Term-Based Positions


Sessional Instructor positions are available for the following courses:

IS 210 D100 Comparative World Politics: Trajectories, Regimes, Challenges (3 units) Burnaby

IS 210 D900 Comparative World Politics: Trajectories, Regimes, Challenges (3 units) Surrey

IS 300 D100 Research Methods in International Studies (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 302 J100 Introduction to Humanitarian Intervention (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 303 Ethnic Minorities, Identity Politics, and Conflict in Southeast Asia (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 309 D100 ST: Human Rights and International Law (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 309 D200 ST: African Economic Development (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 309 D400 ST: Islam and Politics (4 units) Harbour Centre *REVISED SCHEDULE as of September 13, 2018*

IS 309 E100 ST: Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 309 E200 ST: Contemporary Challenges to Liberal Democracy (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 315 D100 Introduction to Middle East Politics (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 319 D300 ST: Gender and Human Security (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 319 D400 ST: European Politics and Society (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 319 D500 ST: Politics and Society of East Asia (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 329 D100 ST: Social Movements of the Global South (4 units) Harbour Centre

IS 329 D300 ST: Politics and Society of South Asia (4 units) Burnaby

IS 355 D100 Refugees and Forced Migration (4 units) Burnaby

IS 373 E100 Global Environmental Politics (4 units) Harbour Centre *REVISED SCHEDULE as of September 13, 2018*

Application deadline: September 21, 2018

Criteria for awarding TAships in the School for International Studies

Sessional Instructor positions are posted for a minimum of two weeks around:

a) September for the Spring term
b) January for the Summer term
c) May for the Fall term

Please note that sessional positions are subject to budgetary approval and contingent on enrollment.