Gregory Feldman

Limited Term Assistant Professor
Harbour Centre 7272


Gregory Feldman (PhD Syracuse) is a political anthropologist interested in migration, refugees, and globalization; political action versus technocratic governance; and critical perspectives on security and neoliberalism. His geographic focus is Europe with emphasis on its relations with countries in the Mediterranean Sea region.  Dr. Feldman is currently conducting the ethnographic project titled "The ‘Gray Zone’: Human Smuggling and Trafficking and Police Investigations in the Mediterranean Space of Control (funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant). He has an advance contract for a book manuscript based on this project with a major university press. His latest book is titled We are All Migrants: Political Action and the Ubiquitous Condition of Migrant-hood (Stanford University Press 2015). His previous book is titled The Migration Apparatus: Security, Labor, and Policymaking in the European Union (Stanford University Press 2012). His publications appear in American Ethnologist, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Anthropological Theory, and Social Anthropology among journals. Dr. Feldman is the founder and President of the Vancouver Society for the Promotion of the Liberal Arts. He co-founded the Interest Group for the Anthropology of Public Policy (now the Association for the Anthropology of Policy). He is also co-founded and is a steering committee member of the Network of Concerned Anthropologists.

In the spring 2017 Dr. Feldman is teaching “Critical Perspectives on Borders, Security, and Global Migration” (IS 329) and the graduate/undergraduate seminar “State Failure” (IS 806/409). He also convenes the Hannah Arendt reading group.