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In 1999 TIME Ventures launched VANTEC, the Angel Technology Network of the Vancouver Enterprise Forum, and continues to host their monthly meetings. VANTEC provides networking and support for many start-up companies in the Lower Mainland and across BC by linking early-stage investors and mentors to promising technology ventures.

With funding support from Western Economic Diversification and Industry Canada, the TIME Centre engaged Rocket Builders, a local firm, to examine the impact VANTEC has had on technology ventures in BC. The goal of the study was two-fold: to help companies prepare good proposals for angel investors, and to recruit more angels. The survey found that VANTEC’s reputation as a successful angel investment forum is justified when it is compared to angel networks across North America.

Some highlights from the report:

  • 50% of the companies that present at VANTEC raise angel funds, which is a very high success rate
  • The mean amount of angel investment reported by companies was $250,000
  • 20% of presenting companies go on to secure venture capital, and the total amount raised since 1999 exceeds $200 million
  • 85% of the 235 companies that presented at VANTEC have continued to grow and prosper
  • The presenting companies have created approximately 1,000 jobs since VANTEC’s inception in 1999.

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