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(Rene Blanco, CEO & Co-founder, Beedie School of Business EMBA student)


Labora is a social enterprise funded by SFU's EMBA students Rene Blanco and Ryan Klatt. Their business model offers a unique approach to solving the lack of proper assistance to Seasonal Agricultural Foreign Workers and Canadian Farmers, by providing succesful connecting and consulting experiences to them.

Labora uses a digital platform, for achieving successful cross-border labour experiences.

Labora solves the next problems: 

  1. Canadian Farmers:
    Receive unqualified workers (lemons), Decrease the farm's productivity and Invest in training workers that might not return the next
  2. Seasonal Agricultural Foreign Workers:
    Being sent to farms not related to their skills, Lack of proper assistance, Social isolation and stress, Abuse/Explotation, Lose track of
    their pension. 
  3. Governments:
    Traditional red tape hiring process in the last 53 years, Excess of public personnel, Black box process in the selection of workers, Use
    of public budget. 
  4. Remittance Process:
    High fees, Low exchange rate, Limit on remittances to $1,000, Use of third persons to collect money, Unsafe process for collecting

How does Labora work?

Foreign workers create their own profile. Labora verifies their ID and check their references, then Labora connect them with Canadian farmers. We connect both and they can meet through our platform. We support farmers and workers through all the cross-border labour experience and assists Canadian farmers with a variety of administrative and clerical tasks.

For the remittance process, Foreign workers buy cryptocurrency and transfer them to Labora and we transfer their money in national currency at a bank account on behalf of customers.

To learn more or join the community contact them directly at


Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!