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Incubator Clients

  • 4th Foundation
    Computation is the '4th Foundation' in K-12 learning, joining Reading, Writing and Math. We are updating learning for the information age.

  • AVA Technologies
    AVA Technologies provides oil and gas companies with a more efficient method to inspect the areas surrounding their pipelines.

  • Artemis Technologies
    Artemis Technologies is developing a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to provide inexpensive and accurate surveillance for precision agriculture.

  • Automatic Traffic Control Mechanism
    ATCM incorporates automation in the road construction and is a necessary improvement for the industry. 

  • Avian Robotics
    Avian Robotics develops drone security systems for public safety and security applications to reduce emergency response time and minimize risk to human life.

  • Beriqo
    Beriqo's mission is to provide profitable farming with big data software solutions.

  • Bethink
    HYTHRIVE is a boutique strategy and training firm focused solely on supporting impact-driven leaders to excel.

  • Big Motion Technologies
    Developing wearable sensor network technologies to improve quality of life

  • BioInteractive Technologies
    BioInteractive Technologies (BIT) is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered gesture recognition software engine to detect users' hand and arm movement in real-time.

  • Brewstr
    Brewstr aims to empower the world by reinventing the experience of crafting beer and cider at home. They are developing an automated homebrewing system that provides a creative outlet for craft enthusiasts to produce quality personalized beverages.

  • Bridge for Health
    Bridge for Health is a start-up Co-Operative Association established in December 2016, to foster innovative strategies to promote health and wellbeing.

  • Buggie
    Buggie is a web based platform for grocery delivery services in the Lower Mainland.

  • BuzzIt
    BuzzIt is building an open, location-based group messenger that lets you connect to the people around you without compromising your privacy.

  • CareCrew
    CareCrew provides a platform for family members and home-care workers to stay connected when looking after their aging loved ones

  • Childs Play
    Childs Play is an easy, convenient, and efficient way for people to register kids into sports and recreation activities while promoting activity providers.

  • Copper Nuggets
    Copper Nuggets creates 100% copper jewelry for inspired living. It is made in BC with all local raw materials. It is unique in design, inspires people and is affordable.

  • Date Night Done For You
    Date Night Done for You is dedicated to providing unique and entertaining educational experiences to couples searching for tools to foster communication and engagement in their relationship.

  • Employ to Empower
    Employ to Empower (ETE) is a social enterprise centered around employment as a realistic and long-term solution to drastically reduce homelessness.

  • Equity
    Equity is working towards towards creating an ad-­free, crowdfunded, online platform for local news, features, investigative and opinion pieces.

  • FootyStats
    FootyStats is a sports analytics tool that delivers comprehensive football statistics from over 120 competitions around the world - including Barclays Premier League, Liga BBVA, and Bundesliga.

  • Frontrvnners
    Frontrvnners is a streetwear brand from Vancouver, Canada. Each piece is made for those who stay loyal to their craft and build their own blueprint.

  • Grip Graphique
    Grip Graphique is a griptape company that specializes in custom griptape designs to local Vancouver skateboard and longboard shops.

  • H&P Systems
    H&P Systems is developing SolexPRO - energy-generating shoes.

  • Heilu
    Heilu is whole food powdered protein that allows consumers to eat nutritiously, ethically, and sustainably without breaking the bank.

  • Insight Diagnostics
    Insight Diagnostics is a Vancouver-based, privately owned company that has developed an electronic detection platform fully integrated with smartphones for point of care diagnostics

  • Kermodee
    Kermodee is a two-sided marketplace for tours, activities and experiences; with an initial regional focus in BC.

  • Leefy
    Leefy is a mobile game for young kids with autism and mental health challenges to learn to regulate their emotions and maintain meaningful relationships through non-verbal and social cues recognition.

  • Living Garden Foods
    Living Garden Foods provides the freshest live herbs in vertical growing towers directly to grocery stores 365 days of the year.

  • Lucency
    Lucency is a web application that can analyze any Instagram account and generate data-driven report on how to improve marketing strategy

  • Medussa Home
    Medussa Home is a bedding retailer offering a new bedding conception-fancy designed & easy to use products for middle-end market customers across Canada through online and specialty shop.

  • NATIV Media
    NATIV Media is a creative agency that specializes in social media marketing, influencer marketing, and business development.

  • Novion Health
    Novion is developing a leak detection system that is equipped with various sensors and attaches to the main water line within a condo building unit.

  • ORA Scents
    ORA is the first mobile app controlled scent diffuser on the market that enables homeowners to create and share their own ambient scent experiences.

  • OpenSpot Parking Inc.
    OpenSpot Parking Inc, founded in 2017, uses new technologies to upgrade the parking management and parking experience in urban areas.

  • Ophthalight Digital Solutions Inc.
    Ophthalight Digital Solutions Inc. provides an accurate, portable and automated eye test device, name O-Glass, for physicians who need to diagnose and monitor patients for optic neuropathy, glaucoma, and diabetes.

  • Piva Concepts
    Piva Concepts is an ancillary value-added company that creates turn-key cannabis edibles product lines, which are then packaged and taken on by Licensed Producers in order to be manufactured and sold legally.

  • Plain Solutions
    Plain Solutions is developing an analytical visualisation software with built-in full Monte Carlo simulation that allows to predict the future outcomes and developments.

  • PrimaGate
    PrimaGate is developing a hub/controller for smart homes using the z-wave and wifi protocols to connect a wide variety of devices from different vendors.

  • Prosperis Passive Income Strategies
    Prosperis Passive Income Strategies seeks to educate and connect people and businesses to opportunities in the passive income generating sector.

  • Recharged Technologies
    ReCharged provides sustainable smart city solutions, at no cost, to accelerate the adoption of clean personal transporation.

  • Rmoney
    Rmoney is a cross-border money transfer and payment processing platform built for needs of international students.

  • Scalable Garment Technologies
    Scalable Garment Technologies Inc (SGTI) is building a 3D knitting machine to give new and existing clothing manufacturers a better way to prototype and produce higher quality custom seamless garments.

  • Serene Audio
    Serene Audio brings sublime musical experiences to your life through making truly high-fidelity and beautifully crafted audio products.

  • SocioWiz
    SocioWiz, is a web application catering the needs of job seekers by providing them a platform for making smart and informed career decisions

  • Spexigeo
    Spexigeo's multi-sided platform brings together pilots and aerial data customers to capture more insights about our world at a lower cost than was possible before.

  • Streamline Athletes
    Streamline Athletes uses a sport-specific approach, proprietary analysis tools, and centralized data to deliver a more efficient recruitment experience for track and field/cross country prospective student-athletes and collegiate coaches.

  • Suthra Studios
    Suthra Studios creates high-octane action, animated films in English based on Indian History and Culture, beginning with a focus on Sikh narratives.

  • Switchboard
    Switchboard is the end-to-end freight management platform that allows shippers to find, track and pay pre-verified trucking companies.

  • The Bazaar Digital Technologies Inc
    The Bazaar is updating the traditional value exchange of ads for free content by delivering greater value to consumers, brands and content providers

  • Tochtech
    Tochtech improves the care/quality of independent senior living by providing non-intrusive activity and health monitoring solutions that enables remote caring for designated families and/or senior care service providers.

  • Torus Biomedical Solutions
    Torus offers a solution for spine and trauma orthopaedic surgeons to be able to conduct measurements during surgery at high accuracy.

  • Tubegether
    Tubegether is a new way for events and classrooms to engage with their audience.

  • Vacation Assisted Living (VAL)
    VAL provides newly retired individuals with locations around the world that allow them to have room, board, food and cleaning services for the price of $1000.00/month

  • VamoTech
    VamoTech is creating hockey's smartest training device - Game7™. Using a wristband and a net sensor, Game7™ provides valuable information on your accuracy, power, and release time.

  • Vantek Innovations Limited
    Vantek Innovation promotes safety by constructing electronic sensors for the car.

  • Watergenics
    Watergenics Inc.'s disruptive technology is designed to extract purified water from the atmosphere through the novel integration of advanced sorption, refrigeration, and water filtration systems.

  • Yactraq
    Yaqtraq delivers business insights through audio mining/speech analytics

  • Yare Media Group Inc.
    Yare Media empowers live sports and entertainment properties undeserved by traditional media to broadcast in HD on connected TVs.

  • Zennea Technologies
    Zennea Technologies is a sleep wearable company that reduces snoring, tracks quality of sleep, and helps make decisions to improve overall health for chronic snorers.


Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!