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  • Beriqo

    Beriqo's mission is to provide profitable farming with big data software solutions. read more

  • Bridge for Health

    Bridge for Health is a start-up Co-Operative Association established in December 2016, to foster innovative strategies to promote health and wellbeing. read more

  • BuzzIt

    BuzzIt is building an open, location-based group messenger that lets you connect to the people around you without compromising your privacy. read more

  • CareCrew

    CareCrew provides a platform for family members and home-care workers to stay connected when looking after their aging loved ones read more

  • Davos

    Davos is a cost-effective web platform for online fundraising and donor management for small- and medium-sized Canadian charities. Our goal is to provide a unified experience for donors while easily integrating with the other tools charities already use. read more

  • Employ to Empower

    Employ to Empower (ETE) is a social enterprise centered around employment as a realistic and long-term solution to drastically reduce homelessness. read more

  • Equity

    Equity is working towards towards creating an ad-­free, crowdfunded, online platform for local news, features, investigative and opinion pieces. read more

  • FootyStats

    FootyStats is a sports analytics tool that delivers comprehensive football statistics from over 120 competitions around the world - including Barclays Premier League, Liga BBVA, and Bundesliga. read more

  • Frontrvnners

    Frontrvnners is a streetwear brand from Vancouver, Canada. Each piece is made for those who stay loyal to their craft and build their own blueprint.  read more

  • Leefy

    Leefy is a mobile game for young kids with autism and mental health challenges to learn to regulate their emotions and maintain meaningful relationships through non-verbal and social cues recognition.  read more

  • Lumen

    Lumen works to empower the overlooked minority groups, refugees, and international students to maintain a financial relationship with their countries of origin. read more

  • NATIV Media

    NATIV Media is a creative agency that specializes in social media marketing, influencer marketing, and business development. read more

  • Novion Health

    Novion is developing a leak detection system that is equipped with various sensors and attaches to the main water line within a condo building unit.  read more

  • Ophthalight Digital Solutions Inc.

    Ophthalight Digital Solutions Inc. provides an accurate, portable and automated eye test device, name O-Glass, for physicians who need to diagnose and monitor patients for optic neuropathy, glaucoma, and diabetes. read more

  • Piva Concepts

    Piva Concepts is an ancillary value-added company that creates turn-key cannabis edibles product lines, which are then packaged and taken on by Licensed Producers in order to be manufactured and sold legally. read more

  • Plain Solutions

    Plain Solutions is developing an analytical visualisation software with built-in full Monte Carlo simulation that allows to predict the future outcomes and developments. read more

  • Rmoney

    Rmoney is a cross-border money transfer and payment processing platform built for needs of international students. read more

  • Spexigeo

    Spexigeo's multi-sided platform brings together pilots and aerial data customers to capture more insights about our world at a lower cost than was possible before. read more

  • Streamline Athletes

    Streamline Athletes uses a sport-specific approach, proprietary analysis tools, and centralized data to deliver a more efficient recruitment experience for track and field/cross country prospective student-athletes and collegiate coaches.  read more

  • The Bazaar Digital Technologies Inc

    The Bazaar is updating the traditional value exchange of ads for free content by delivering greater value to consumers, brands and content providers read more

  • Zennea Technologies

    Zennea Technologies is a sleep wearable company that reduces snoring, tracks quality of sleep, and helps make decisions to improve overall health for chronic snorers. read more


Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!