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Yare Media Group Inc.

Specializing in the online delivery of high quality video to connected TVs, YARE services a fast-emerging trend in consumer viewing. the world of Internet video delivery represents an exciting new opportunity for content developers and distributors. 

We believe that emerging casting technologies that enable users to display HD video from their phones onto connected TVs, in conjunction with evolving digital rights models, are opening the doors for smalle content producers to reach viewers underserved by traditional TV. 

We help organizations exploit the new media landscape and find powerful alternatives to deliver and monetize content across multiple device types. 
YARE can get companies onto the right devices, at the right time, at the right place. 

We have productized an effective, low-cost delivery platform to service niche content producers and have assembled an experienced management team with proven track records in business development, operations, R&D, international sales and finance. 


We address the long form, large screen experience using a proprietary platform incorporating leading edge casting technologies: 

-offering niche rights holders a simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use video system to process and deliver live content to PCs, mobile devices, tablets and connected TVs

-specializing in the development of effective, low-cost and quick to market HD video solutions - with proven returns on investmet and innovative business models 

-assistance with rights syndication and monetization initiatives to broadcast and OTT platforms 

-saving content providers the capital and operating costs associated with building and supporting multiple apps

-providing a full service offering to help customers through every step - from signal acquisition and capture to large scale worldwide distribution

The company's competitive differentiators are its comprehensive platform capabilities, its focus on leading edge casting techologies, and its expertise in international content rights negotiations and digital distribution.


We save right holders and distributors the hassle of having to build apps for an ever-increasing number of devices in the marketplace. This saves money and time enabling our clients to focus on their content, shorten their time to market, deliver best-in-clss HD video experiences to large screens, and effectively monetize their content. 



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Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!