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Thank you!

September 11, 2013

Venture Connection would like to thank its 2012-2013 industry volunteers who provided their time and expertise as speakers, mentors, business advisors, network connections and jury members:

Arash Afrooze, HiretheWorld

Warren Anthony, FCV

Trevor Battye, Clevers Media

Doug Beech, HiretheWorld

Brian Bydwell, District of North Vancouver

Bryan Bradshaw, BHBWebtech Enterprises Inc.

Jim Brosseau, Clarrus Consulting Group

Peter Chevrier, Kwantlen

Mike Cornford, V7 Entertainment

Bob de Wit, Greater Vancouver Homebuilders Association

Robert Dean, Coast Capital Savings

Dean Duperron, Duperron Group

Paul Farrow, Goldcorp

Matt Ferguson, Progressive Health Innovations

Steven Forth, Rocketbuilders

Randy Garg, Beedie Capital Partners

Bruce Green, Oyen Wiggs

Judi Hess, CopperLeaf

Phil Holland, Mentor / Angel Investor

Keith Ippel, Invoke Labs

Catherine Jacobs, McQuarrie Hunter

J Joly, OverInterActive Media / CineCoup

Rizwan Kheraj, NRC-IRAP

Brent Kyle, Catch 122

Rodney Kyle, IP-ADR

Alfred Lam, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

Nev Lapwood,

Thealzel Lee, RocketBuilders

Ed Levinson, Overinteractive Media

Mark Longo, LaBarge Weinstein LLC

Mark Masongsong, Basilica Software

John Maxwell, SFU School of Communications

Scott Michaels, Atimi Software

Chris Neumann, DataHero

Brad Palmer, Jostle

Dave Parchomchuk, Games expert

Peter Payne, BCTIA

Paul Prescod, Ayogo Games

Dale Regehr, Weststone Group

Paul Rickett, Rickett Consulting

Albert Seah, Consulant

Dawn Sheirzad, LocAzu

Shannon Susko, Subserveo

Mike Torillo, V7 Entertainment

Ray Walia, Reality Games

Dylan Wallinger, Archer, Cathro & Associates

Jamie Woods, McQuarrie Hunter

Howie Wu, N.O.A.H.

Are you interested in volunteering?

We are currently looking for experienced entrepreneurs / business professionals to volunteer for Fall 2013. Check out the posting for more info.


Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!