Venture Connection hosts two different competitions each year:

Venture Prize

Presented by the Venture Connection Early-Stage Business Incubator Program, the 4th annual Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize recognizes entrepreneurial excellence at Simon Fraser University. New for 2015, Venture Connection is proud to extend the invitation beyond our client companies, for all entrepreneurs at SFU to compete.

Please visit the Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize page for further information and updates. 

SFU's Next Top Product

SFU's Next Top Product
gives SFU students from all faculties the chance to showcase and sell their product in the SFU bookstore. We encourage all students who would like to participate to begin planning soon. It's never too early to begin to research and plan.

Application deadline: October 15, 2014
Final Competition: October 30, 2013 

For more details and application form, visit the SFU Bookstore Website.

Presented by the SFU Bookstore in partnership with SFU Venture Connection

VC Competition News: