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Mentor Minute

Get tips on cultivating a good team dynamic, to the first steps of finding funding–Venture Connection's mentors are here to help YOU. New videos are launched monthly and new topics will be explored, to ensure you start your business off on the right foot.

Connie Ekelund - Funding 101

The topic of funding can be a daunting one, but Venture Connection Mentor and CEO of Synergy, Connie Ekelund discusses where to start in this instalment of Mentor Minute.

Jill Earthy - Startup Tips

From doing what you love to knowing where to find help, former Venture Connection mentor Jill Earthy shares important tips to budding entrepreneurs.


Tim Ames - Growing Your Team

Connie Ekelund - Importance of Work Culture

Dave Thomas - Market Viability

Jill Earthy - Establishing Roles and Responsibilities

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Meet the Mentors:

Tim Ames

Tim Ames is a senior executive with over 25 years experience in Leadership, Global Business Development, Sales Management, and Personal Development, having worked in Canada, the US and the UK. He has been part of numerous start-ups to mature business stability environments, including VP Solutions for CIMS (Wireless) Industries Inc. and Senior VP, Sales, for Ryzex Group.

Learn more about Tim here

Connie Ekelund

Connie Ekelund is the Globetrotting CEO of Synergy CMC, owner of a Publishing Media Company, and is the CEO of an International Innovations Company. She is also is the founder of a non-profit and is a  director on other non-profit boards.

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Jill Earthy

Jill Earthy is an entrepreneurially minded leader with a passion for growing the Canadian ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors. As Chief Growth Officer of FrontFundr, an online investment platform, she bridges the gap between these groups by helping companies to access capital in an open and efficient way and connecting with a broad range of investors.

Learn more about Jill here

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is an executive, business consultant and advisor for a number of technology companies and manages the Rocket Builders ‘Market Readiness Program’. Recent positions and projects include; Equity Capital Program Evaluation in conjunction with UBC and a guest lecturer at New Ventures BC.

Learn more about Dave here


Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!