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NEWS — Penobscot and Inuvialuit CBI Final Reports Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the first reports from IPinCH-supported community-based initiatives are now available on our website. More >

NEWS — IPinCH at Traditional Knowledge Festival in Yellowknife

An upcoming international conference, Itàà kati Traditional Knowledge Festival in Yellowknife, NWT, will explore the many dimensions of traditional knowledge from a variety of perspectives. More >

NEWS — IPinCH and SFU Collaborate on Research Ethics Workshop

IPinCH recently co-hosted a half-day workshop to foster understanding across SFU offices about policies and procedures for community-based research. More >

BLOG — Appropriation (?) of the Month: A Textbook Case of the Appropriated Past

Carol J. Ellick explores the representation of history in the classroom, and asks how this generation of educators can rewrite the past with multiple perspectives. More >

NEW VIDEO explores questions at the heart of the IPinCH project

Who defines and owns cultural heritage? Is it the people who create it? What if heritage is being used in ways that are considered inappropriate, or even harmful? These questions and more are explored in the new IPinCH introductory video, created by Aynur Kadir and Alexa Walker. More > 

NEWS — IPinCHers Retreat to Sasquatch Crossing

The IPinCH Steering Committee got together in southwestern British Columbia recently for an intensive work retreat. More >



The Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage (IPinCH) project is a seven-year international research initiative based at Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia, Canada. Our work explores the rights, values, and responsibilities of material culture, cultural knowledge and the practice of heritage research.

IPinCH is a collaboration of scholars, students, heritage professionals, community members, policy makers, and Indigenous organizations across the globe.

The project serves as both a practical resource and a network of support for communities and researchers engaged in cultural heritage work.

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August 29, 2014
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August 14, 2014
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August 27, 2014
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