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PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM — DNA and Indigeneity

An upcoming half-day IPinCH symposium will explore the promise and perils of using biological and genetic information to inform understandings of Indigenous identity. More > 

Appropriation (?) of the Month: How the Culture of Connoisseurship Impacts Navajo Weavers Today

By helping to sustain the high value of Native American antiquities, some museums inadvertently contribute to the impoverishment of contemporary artisans, writes Kathy M’Closkey. More >

NEW PUBLICATION — Intervention as a Strategy in Protecting Indigenous Cultural Heritage

Decisions about protecting B.C.'s First Nation sites like Grace Islet are guided by Euro-Canadian values. Read the latest article by IPinCH team members in the SAA Archaeological RecordMore >

Appropriation (?) of the Month: Gourds as a Canvas for Mimbreño Designs

Are contemporary artisans who use ancient Mimbres designs on pottery and in gourd art appropriating Native culture? More >

BLOG — "The Eskimo of our Imagination”

Are certain forms of cultural appropriation more damaging than others? More > 

BLOG — Moche Communities of the North Coast of Peru

How can archaeologists empower communities struggling to overcome colonial legacies in Lambayeque, Peru? More >



The Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage (IPinCH) project is a seven-year international research initiative based at Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia, Canada. Our work explores the rights, values, and responsibilities of material culture, cultural knowledge and the practice of heritage research.

IPinCH is a collaboration of scholars, students, heritage professionals, community members, policy makers, and Indigenous organizations across the globe.

The project serves as both a practical resource and a network of support for communities and researchers engaged in cultural heritage work.

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