Plateau Peoples' Web Portal wins ATALM Award

Jul 05, 2012

IPinCH Associate Kim Christen recently accepted a “Guardians of Culture and Lifeways International Award” from the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM). Christen accepted the award on behalf of the Plateau Peoples' Web Portal, an interactive, online digital archive that provides access to Plateau peoples' cultural materials at Washington State University through tribal curation.

Christen was one of nine recipients of the ATALM award for 2012, which identifies and recognizes organizations and individuals who serve as outstanding examples of how indigenous archives, libraries, and museums contribute to the vitality and cultural sovereignty of Native nations. The Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal won in the “Outstanding Project” category and was recognized for providing a way for tribal communities to include their own knowledge and memories of digital materials for various collections. ATALM described the project as an inspiring model of how university repositories can successfully collaborate with tribal communities to curate and enhance collections with tribal voices and histories. Christen is an Associate Professor at Washington State University and director of the Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal project. IPinCH is providing funding for Kim and Jane Anderson’s “Traditional Knowledge License and Labels Website 1.0” project, which has been reported on previously.

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