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Opportunties for Students

Students, Welcome to IPinCH

Student Dinner Vancouver April 5, 2011

(l to r) Solen Roth, Sean Roberston, Sarah Carr-Locke, Marina La Salle and Emma Feltes
at IPinCH Student Dinner, Vancouver, April 5, 2011 (photoshop: Sarah Carr-Locke) 

Students form a vital part of the IPinCH team and are active participants in all aspects of the project. There are a number of ways to get involved:  

IPinCH Graduate Student Associates

Associates both contribute to and benefit from the project, by joining Working Groups, engaging with the Knowledge Base, or getting involved in Community-Based Initiatives.

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IPinCH Graduate Student Conference Travel Award

The IPinCH Steering Committee is encouraging IPinCH Graduate Student Research Assistants, Fellows and Associates to attend academic conferences in their fields by awarding up to $250 towards travel costs.

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IPinCH Graduate Student Fellowship

IPinCH has supported a number of MA and PhD students pursuing research on topics engaging with our IPinCH project themes. Graduate Student Fellowships are no longer being offered by IPinCH. 

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IPinCH Steering Committee Student Rep

Students have a voice on the IPinCH Steering Committee through a student representative. Currently, the student rep is UMass Amherst Anthropology Ph.D. student Robin Gray

Contribute to the IPinCH Blog

IPinCH Students are encouraged to contribute to our project blog.  

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