Information for Researchers

Services Offered by the io

Identifying and Assessing University Technologies

Providing Intellectual Property Advice And Protection

io staff conduct searches of patent databases and provide advice to researchers on whether intellectual property protection is possible. Each year, the io finances a small number of patent applications for promising technologies.

Partnering Researchers with Industry & Government for Collaborative Research And Development

A primary activity of io staff is partnering or matching researchers with companies and government organizations to conduct collaborative research. io staff respond to industry requests for research assistance and visit companies to determine their research needs and make them aware of the expertise of SFU faculty, students, and staff.

Informational materials describing applied research activities at SFU are developed and distributed and SFU research capabilities are listed in appropriate industry directories. The io cooperates with SFU Faculties to organize and implement research consortia and institutes that have industry interaction as an important objective.

Identifying Industrial and Institutional Partners to Commercialize Technologies

Suitable industrial organizations are identified and contacted. io staff assist in determining the value of a University technology and establishing commercialization agreements.