British Columbia:

  1. BC College/Institute/Agency Central Data Warehouse
  2. BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT)
  3. BC Employment Outlook
  4. BC Grade 12 Enrollment Projections
  5. BC Higher Education Accountability Dataset (BC HEADSET)
  6. BC Ministry of Advanced Education
  7. BC Population Projections
  8. BC Post-Secondary Enrollments by Institution Type and Full/Part-time Status - pdf (or Excel)
  9. BC Public Post-Secondary Education Institutions
  10. BC Statistics
  11. BC Student Transitions Project - Internet (Extranet)
  12. BC Universities - Full-time Equivalent Enrollments and Provincial Operating Grants - pdf (or Excel)
  13. BC Universities - Provincial Operating Grants per Funded and Actual  Full-time Equivalent Student - pdf (or Excel)
  14. BC Universities Analysis of Applications, Admissions and Registrations
  15. Campus 2020
  16. Employment Projections by College Region
  17. Utilization of FTEs by Institution
  18. Fraser Region Consortium Reports
  19. Population Projections
  20. Surveys:
  21. The University Presidents' Council of BC (TUPC)
  22.  BC Grade 12 Enrollment Projections


  1. Comparisons of Operating Grant per $1,000 of Provincial Personal Income, by Province
  2. Comparisons of Operating Grant per FTE Student, by Province
  3. Consumer Price Indices (Canadian and Vancouver)