Internal ISTLD Projects

Post-Doctoral Fellow Projects

  • ISTLD: McLean
    Investigating Research Assistant Experiences in the TLDG Programme

  • ISTLD: Schwarz
    An In-depth Exploration of Instructors’ Experiences with Flipped Classroom Design, Implementation and Evaluation with and without TLDG Support

  • ISTLD: Stewart
    Investigating the Perceived Impact of Undergraduate Participation in SoTL Initiatives as ISTLD Grant Project Research Assistants

ISTLD Team Projects

  • ISTLD: Amundsen
    Case Study of the Development of the ISTLD

  • ISTLD: D'Amico
    Investigating the Value of an Indigenous-Focused TLDG Workshop

  • ISTLD: D'Amico
    Tracing the Implications of TLDG Projects: What are the Ripple Effects?