Megan Barker

Teaching and Learning Development Grants workshop facilitator and proposal coach
(Spring 2019 - current)
Exploring Well-being in Learning Environments proposal coach
(Fall 2019 - current)

Megan is a Lecturer in Biological sciences, primarily teaching first-year and fourth-year courses, and really loves working with students at the start and end of their degrees. Prior to having the best job of all time here at SFU, she was fortunate to have a postdoctoral fellowship in science education, working with instructors to implement evidence-based approaches in their classrooms - large and small.

She's done some work on teaching jargon and concepts, observing classes 'in the wild,' and assessing & mapping of curriculum. Getting to work with the ISTLD is a fantastic fit - there are so many awesome instructors, ideas, and projects here at SFU!