Where and How Teams are Used, Taught, and Assessed Across Core Courses in a Business Undergraduate Curriculum

Grant program: Teaching and Learning Development Grant (TLDG)

Grant recipient: Shauna Jones, Beedie School of Business

Project team: Timeframe: December 2017 to April 2019

Funding: $6000

Description: The purpose of this investigation is to research where and how teams are used, taught, and assessed in the core courses of the Beedie School of Business undergraduate program. The core courses consist of 13 courses in the Undergraduate program for which that are 46 sections and an estimated 4, 220 students. From the results of the research investigation, I plan to make recommendations to the UCore and Undergraduate Curriculum Committees:

a) Where to reinforce early learning around teaming and collaboration throughout the curriculum so students build on skills from earlier courses

b) Where to measure teaming and collaboration in an upper level course for the purpose of our Assurance of Learning. Without a place to measure these traits Beedie is unable to state it as a Program Goal.

c) Determine if there is a need for all students participate in a course to develop their teaming and collaboration skills (currently, only our transfer students are required to take a course with its sole focus on teaming and collaboration. This encompasses almost 50% of our students).

Questions addressed:

  • Which Canadian business schools have program goals and mandatory courses related to teamwork and working with others?
  • What frameworks are being used to teach teams?
  • What core courses in the Beedie undergraduate program use, teach and/or assess teams?
  • How are teams or group work used in the core courses?
  • What is the student experience of working in teams or groups in undergraduate courses?
  • What do students believe might improve the student experience of working in teams or groups in undergraduate courses?

Knowledge sharing:

  • Presentation to UCore and Undergraduate Curriculum Committee at Beedie
  • Presentation through Beedie Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Possible presentation at Douglas College and other universities and colleges
  • Presentation at SOTL or Academy of Management Conferences
  • Possibly a published paper
  • The results of this research might influence the University Learning Outcomes should a learning outcome around teaming and working with others be implemented.