Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses for ISTLD-funded projects:

  • Support for SFU student research assistants (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Support persons with a particular expertise/skill set
  • Development of data collection instruments
  • Support for data collection and data analysis
  • Teaching materials, including software, needed to conduct the project
  • Expenses for dissemination of findings not to exceed 20% of the total award
  • Survey, focus group, and interview incentives for student participation

Ineligible expenses for ISTLD-funded projects:

  • Reimbursement to faculty members
  • Support for teaching assistants
  • Course release
  • Commercial services
  • Computer hardware
  • Equipment
  • Journal subscriptions, professional memberships, etc.
  • Food and meals
  • Travel between campuses

If you have any questions about eligible ISTLD-funded project expenses, contact istld@sfu.ca.