Tax time! How to get your T4/T4As

February 22, 2021

Your 2020 T4/T4A tax forms, which report payroll payments, are now available online.

****The following email is sent on behalf of Mary Aylesworth, Director, Financial Operations ****

Your 2020 T4/T4A tax forms, which report payroll payments, are now available online.

For employees wishing to claim a deduction for Home Office Expenses on their 2020 tax filing, a T2200S will be issued online no later than February 28. A separate notification will be sent as soon as these forms are available.

Please review the Home Office Expense information posted on the Finance website , which was provided to assist employees in determining the appropriate employment use portion of workspace expenses and supplies in preparing individual 2020 income tax filings. 

To obtain your tax forms, log into SFU  myINFO at with your Computing ID and Password.

1. Click the Payroll icon 

  1. Click on T4/T4A
  2. Click View T4 and T4A Slips
  3. Select Tax Year 2020
  4. Click View Slip   

For Students receiving T4A slips:

  • If you are receiving scholarship payments from Student Services, obtain a T4A slip by visiting goSFU
  • If you are receiving scholarship payments in payroll, a separate T4A slip is issued in myINFO

A paper T4/T4A slip will be sent to your mailing address, if you have not consented to view online.

****If you have an active appointment, you may grant consent to receive T4/T4A online and stop receiving paper slips.****

1.      Click on Payroll icon

2.      Click on T4/T4A

3.      Click on T4/T4A Consent

4.      Check Box to Confirm Consent to stop receiving paper T4/T4A slips 

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to view current and previous T4A slip online. 

Please Note:  If you do not see your tax forms when you click on View 2020 Slip, it is likely that your PC or MAC "pop up" blocker is turned on. You will need to turn this off in order for your Tax Forms to appear.  The link below contains instructions on how to turn off the "pop up" blocker for most browsers.

 lease contact IT support at 778-782-8888 or send an email to if you are unable to see your tax forms and need assistance. If you were using MFA and are no longer active in the system, please contact IT for support.

Printed Tax Forms will be mailed to those individuals who have not "Accepted" online delivery.  Payroll will mail the printed forms no later than February 28, 2021.

If you have questions, please contact Payroll at 778 782-8486 or