The Future of Genuine Italian Design

If [Italian design] is becoming more diverse internationally, is it possible to stay true and genuinely Italian.

There are things that we really like about Italian design and we wonder whether it has always been that way. You know, with Castiglioni, and Gio Ponte in their time. They made true Italian design.

I think that you can have a world that is at the same time local and global. We’re not just global, we’re not just local. That is the challenge we have in front of us: not to be Italian local. I don’t feel that way. When I feel [like an] Italian, [that] doesn’t mean that I work with the [classical Roman] columns in my head. Part of the world is specificity, which I think is the same we try to do. Its part of the global culture, but we have our own specificity.  Like Kazuyo Sejima - she is the best in the world.  She is very global, but totally Japanese. I can’t imagine another architect doing what she does.