"The schools of design in Italy were founded after the boom of Italian design. Italian design is not a result of the schools, but the schools are the result of design."

(Russell Taylor:) "I think the schools, from what we hear from the students, [are changing.] For example, when Castiglioni was at the Polytecnico, there were more of those Maestros making an impact, and maybe less so now. So even those strong architecture programs that produced [name - LartoMeda?] are not working as well. "

(Alessandro Mendini:) "Because the Polytecnico is a very bureaucratic school."

(Francesco Mendini:) "Big, too big. The legends, Castiglioni, are not there now. The Polytecnico is very bureaucratic, but when there was Castiglioni, and maybe Branze, in the little part where they can work, their work is very good. There are too few good teachers... "

"Do you think maybe it's a limit of industry? There are no PC manufacturers in Italy, and there is a tradition of the designers working with the companies and factories."

(- Alessandro Mendini:) "The design is divided in two very big paths: high tech design, which means computer forms, etc; and furniture. Furniture is a kind of ancient design. The design of high-tech is not for Italians..."