"This, to me, is going to be one of the questions of the future. Globalization, in a few years, is going to wipe out the isolation, the cultural isolation that generates specificity. So, people will not have the same conditions so they will not be able to generate real specificity because the culture is going to be all over, well, of course you will have some differences, but, much less than this isolation. So, should we try to be 'individualistic' or 'specific' or other things because of others? Do you define yourself as different to others? You know, it's a question of how you define yourself. So, I would say that it's true that I have a little bit of an American education, you were talking about pattern languages, I just saw [Christopher Alexander’s book about Pattern Languages in America]. I studied at MIT actually; for love of an American girl, I went there. Sometimes people say (3 or 4 days ago somebody said), 'You're so Milanese Cino.' I said, 'I'm not at all Milanese, this Milanese empiricism is from America.'"