"In a way, once you do something, you are responsible for everything generated. The problem with other arts, [although] I don't know if architecture is an art, is that you are the master of the universe there. The art is, in a way, a closed piece. I mean it's not true for all the arts, but ... the market chooses but then, the people don't tell you so much, 'I want yellow there, and green there'. Architecture is much more this way: the causes of existence, and the way that things are shaped deal with rules and things like that. What I'm trying to say is that I think that many people tend to overemphasize the subject. In this sense, I have a bit of a middle ages feeling, where you have a cathedral and you don't really know who the author is but you like it anyway. I think Romanticism had a side product that shifted the attention from constructing something, or producing something, to the subject; expressing yourself, this idea of expression."