Interviewerís notes: "During a period of industrialization and technical innovation, Italy capitalized on its traditions of fine craft and trade, and infused unique regional characteristics into products to become a leader in industrial design.” We were curious what Maria Claudia saw as Rome’s current role in Italian innovation?

In Milan, it is much more common that a firm will do product design, architecture, furniture…and less so in Rome. There … doesn’t seem to be as much product design here, [there seems to be] less industrial design, is that so?

There is a historical reason for this: Manufacturing is [located] in Milan, but what we feel [that Milan’s manufacturing industry is losing strength] now that you can produce in China or in Romania, etc. because everything is opening up to globalization, there is no reason to do that. Everything is transforming. In Rome there is a lot of schools who teach this [product design and industrial design] so things are moving [more towards Rome]. There is not a tradition in Rome so it is difficult… but everything is more hybrid now.