If you say you are an architect they look at you like you said you are the exorcist. Really terrible. Sometimes we just look at magazines and we see these fantastic new things in Holland or Germany or Spain... and I will never be able to do this. I don't have a chance.

Taylor: [There now seems to be a] kind of collective way of working that isn't signature, isn't authorship,

Rossi: Yeah, and I think this also brings the fact that the international world is much more into specialization, so if you are an architect, you do airports, if you just do airports, if you are doing museums, you just do museums. And Italy is not at that point, but it's starting to be more international, so if you are an architect, you're an architect, if you are a designer, you're a designer, if you're an interior designer, you do interior design. And it's start to be more like that.