“The world of Italy, it’s a bit ruthless.” Banzi shares to us a scenario that is indeed happening where young designers have a difficult time entering the industry, "there are some companies that are well known for, you’re a young designer, you show them this object, they say ‘we’re not interested’, and then in three months there’s a product that comes out that's essentially the same. A lot of young designers are being screwed like that by companies in Italy. It’s a bit of a ruthless market. So, clearly they got to understand, ‘why would somebody do that?’" In parallel, there is also competition in Arduino and the key is to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the pack. "The competition can only download the files, and manufacture the boards but they don’t get the edge. They can copy my circuit but I’m the one who came up with this idea of making them, I can come up with many different ideas, and I can just keep on (doing it). He tells us a strategy wherein they analyze technology from the design point of view, "from the eyes of Italian design" to come up with new application for already existing materials.