Rome Neighbourhoods Research

What you will find in this set of files is materials (video, image, text) which was gathered as part of our study of Rome's neighborhoods. This material further augments what the reader can find in the finished projects done in-field in Rome. In many cases it is material we would have added in were there more time in-field to do the project. So, at present it is not all organized for communication. This is "process" material. We as a team are committed to the idea that the process is as valuable as the finished product.

This further material captures valuable research material that future ItaliaDesign research teams can use and build from. The materials are in some cases "raw" but capture a sense of "being there". When one is trying to learn about a specific topic from abroad (such as in the IAT 391 preparatory course) this material may prove invaluable to future groups. We make a lot of video we don't in the end "use". But in some cases, such as what is here, we believe it has enough value to keep. So, the audience for this set of files is not the casual viewer who may find other parts of this website more interesting. It is most specifically for ItaliaDesign groups, present and future. But have a look and see what is here!