Who do I contact?

If you have reviewed the online resources and still have an unresolved issue, contact the following help points:

For students and alumni

Please visit IT Services Help

For staff and faculty

Please contact the technical support staff in your department.

Training Sessions for Staff and Faculty

To request a one hour private Best Practices Training Session for a group of 5 or more staff or faculty members in your department, please contact sfuconnect-training@sfu.ca . The sessions will generally include an overview of the system plus helpful hints. Suggestions for specific content are always welcome and encouraged.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Number of attendees in your group
  • Dates and times that work best for your group
  • Whether you would like the session to be held in your area (projector required), or if you would like us to book a room/lab on your behalf
  • Any specific topics or questions you would like the instructor to cover

Sessions are scheduled based on instructor and lab availability.

Bugs & Feature Requests

For a list of known issues, please see the Bugs & Feature Requests page.

Vendor's User Guides

To view Zimbra's documentation, including User Guides, see Vendor's documentation.