Wireless Configuration


An automatic secure wireless installer is available to members of the SFU community that takes the pain out of installing SFUNET-SECURE or eduroam. Supported operating systems include Windows (XP SP3 and later), Apple OS X (all versions), Ubuntu, Android (version 2.1 and later) and iOS based devices (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad).

SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam Configuration

Microsoft Windows  
Windows 8/10 XpressConnect | Manual
Windows 7 XpressConnectManual
Windows Vista XpressConnect | Manual
Windows XP/SP3 XpressConnectManual
Mac OS X Lion to El Capitan
Mac OS X Snow Leopard XpressConnect | Manual
Mac OS X Leopard XpressConnectManual
Ubuntu XpressConnect | Manual
Mobile Phones and Tablets  
iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) XpressConnect
Android 3.x/4.x XpressConnect | Manual
Android 2.x XpressConnectManual
Blackberry (Pearl) Manual
Other Devices Manual

SFUNET Configuration

SFUNET is an insecure wireless network designed to offer basic connectivity. It is recommended that SFU users use the SFUNET-SECURE network unless device compatibility prevents it. To use:

  • Connect to SFUNET
  • Open a web browser and navigate to any HTTP page
  • Enter your SFU computing id and password into the web portal

Note: All use of wireless networking is governed by policy GP-24 "Fair Use of Information and Communication Technology".