Wireless Configuration


An automatic secure wireless installer is available to members of the SFU community that takes the pain out of installing SFUNET-SECURE or eduroam. Supported opreating systems include Windows (XP SP3 and later), Apple OS X (all versions), Ubuntu, Android (version 2.1 and later) and iOS based devices (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad).

SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam Configuration

Microsoft Windows
Windows XP/SP3 XpressConnect | Manual
Windows Vista XpressConnect | Manual
Windows 7 XpressConnect | Manual
Windows 8 XpressConnect | Manual
Mac OS X Leopard XpressConnect | Manual
Mac OS X Snow Leopard XpressConnect | Manual
Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks XpressConnect | Manual
Ubuntu XpressConnect | Manual
Mobile Phones and Tablets
iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) XpressConnect | Manual
Android 2.x XpressConnect | Manual
Android 3.x/4.x XpressConnect | Manual
Blackberry (Pearl) Manual
Other Devices Manual

SFUNET Configuration

SFUNET is an insecure wireless network designed to offer basic connectivity. It is recommended that SFU users use the SFUNET-SECURE network unless device compatibility prevents it. To use:

  • Connect to SFUNET
  • Open a web browser and navigate to any HTTP page
  • Enter your SFU computing id and password into the web portal

Note: All use of wireless networking is governed by policy GP-24 "Fair Use of Information and Communication Technology".