Sylvia Parusel

Sessional Instructor



Ph.D., Sociology, Simon Fraser Universtiy, 2017

M.A., Sociology, Simon Fraser University

B.A., Sociology, University of British Columbia at Okanagan


Sylvia completed a PhD in Sociology. Her dissertation examined how women in methadone maintenance treatment navigate social exclusion, and this study built on her Masters thesis that explored this group’s encounters with employment-readiness programs in BC. Her research work and teaching background address gender, social exclusion, clientization, poverty-targeted social policies and employment training, tourism and social policy, sociology of work and families, the politics of care, and families’ experiences with automobility. She co-authored several articles with Dr. Arlene McLaren for various publications, including Mobilities, Canadian Review of Sociology, Gender, Place & Culture, and the Canadian Journal of Sociology. Sylvia has recently taught at SFU, Columbia College, and UBC.

Selected Publications

Pulkingham, J., Fuller, S., Morrow, M & Parusel, S. (2016). Walking the line to put their families first: Lone mothers navigating welfare and work in British Columbia. First Call BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition; Simon Fraser University; Single Mothers’ Alliance BC; Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC).

McLaren, A. T. & Parusel, S. (2015). ‘Watching like a hawk’: Gendered parenting in automobilized urban spaces. Gender, Place & Culture22(10), 1426-1444.

McLaren, A.T. & Parusel, S. (2012). Under the radar: Parental traffic safeguarding and automobility. Mobilities7(2), 211-232.

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