Tom Walker

Term Lecturer



  • MA, Education, with concentration in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Simon Fraser University
  • BA, Geography, with concentration in Economic and Social Geography, Simon Fraser University


Tom Walker teaches courses in Collective Bargaining and Labour and the Environment in the Labour Studies Program at SFU. He has been a peace and social justice activist since the 1960s and has over 25 years experience as an educator and social policy research consultant to unions, community organizations, and federal, provincial and municipal government agencies.

Since1995, Walker has immersed himself in research on shorter working time. His writing on the history of thought around working time have appeared in the Marshall Studies Bulletin, the Review of Social Economy, and as chapters in two books, Working Time: International Trends, Theory and Policy Perspectives (2000) and Toward a Good Society in the Twenty-First Century: Principles and Policies (2012).