Ben Anderson publishes: Beers and Fries, Please Don’t Unionize!

July 30, 2020

Ben Anderson, PhD Candidate in Communication, SFU, and term Lecturer in Labour Studies, published an article in the Mainlander on the need to organize in craft food and beverage. 

“Beers and Fries, Please Don’t Unionize!”: Your Favourite Local Haunt is Anti-Worker

"Over the last month the experiences of numerous workers in craft and artisanal industries across Vancouver have come to wide public attention thanks to worker testimonies circulated on the Instagram accounts @NotOurP49 and @NotOurCafes (formerly @NotOurMatchstick and, at the time of this publishing, now taken down on Instagram for unknown reasons). Building on the successful tactics of @NotMyStellas – a workers’ initiative to combat harassment, anti-union practices, and unjust firings at a popular Winnipeg restaurant chain – these new accounts document myriad instances of sexism, homophobia, racism and harassment in Vancouver’s craft beverage and coffee industries. In testimonials, workers describe their personal experiences in toxic workplace cultures, reporting feeling unsafe, dehumanized, and undervalued at work."

Ben Anderson, July 30, 2020