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Child Labour

Corporate Crime

  • Corporate Watch - Holding Corporations Accountable:
  • Plunder: The Crime of our Time: Watch the trailer
    Directed by Danny Schecter, USA, 2010, 100 minutes
    Plunder: The Crime of Our Time explores how the financial crisis was built on a foundation of criminal activity, uncovering the connection between the collapse of the housing market and the economic catastrophe that followed. It argues that the wrong doing committed by a few individuals distracts from the real story, implicating the institutions that financed and profited from fraudulent sub prime lending. These firms recklessly put trillions of dollars and the world economy at risk. 

Health and Safety


Labour and the Green Economy

Social Movements


Women/Gender Issues

  • Ontario Federation of Labour Library:
    This virtual library of OFL materials deals with the labour movement and women. 
  • Equality once and for all!  A Campaign for Women’s Economic Equality (English/French):
  • Workshop materials, a series of catchy short fact sheets, and background research documents from the Canadian Labour Congress campaign are posted on this website.  Topics include child care, pensions, young women, the role of unions and more. 
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Issues…Well, maybe not everything:
    This booklet provides some ‘basic answers to basic questions’ about the LGBT community within the labour movement.  Content includes definitions of terms, information about workplace issues, and suggestions for allies.

Young Workers

  • Young Worker Awareness Program (English/French):