Marjorie Griffin Cohen

Selected Publications


2009 Public Policy for Women: The State, Income Security, and Labour Market Issues, co-edited with Jane Pulkingham, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press), Series: Studies in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy., pp. 417.

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Monographs since 2000

Climate Change and the Canadian Energy Sector: Implications for Labour and Trade Unions, (with john calvert). (Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2011).

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters since 2000

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Major Funding sources related to Labour Research

2009-2014    SSHRC, $1 million.  CURA, (York U.) Work in a Warming World, (Member of Core Working Group and Convenor of Working Groups on Gender and Work and on Energy). Carla Lipsig-Mumme principal investigator.

2008-14   SSHRC, $1 million.  CURA (CCPA-BC)  Climate Justice Project.  Co-investigator responsible for energy emissions and gender issues.  Michael Beyers principal investigator

2004-2009   SSHRC – $ 1 million.  Community-University Research Alliance Grant (CURA) “Economic Security and Alternative Possibilities.”  Principal investigator.