Dr. Kendra Strauss, Director and Associate Professor, The Labour Studies Program and The Morgan Centre for Labour Research
E: kstrauss @
T: 778-782-9816

Sylvia Chow, Manager, Academic & Administrative Services
E: samgr @
T: 778-782-3726

Jeanne Persoon, Secretary to the Director
E: sachrsec @
T: 778-782-3144

Terrence Yang, Undergraduate Student Advisor
E: saadvise @  
T: 778-782-9452

Melanie Trotto, Undergrad Program Assistant & Financial Assistant
E: saugrdpa @
T: 778-782-9821

Chantelle Lorieau, Graduate Program Assistant & Office Administration (on leave)
E: gradsecsa @
T: 778-782-3518