Labour Update

We are committed to ensuring SFU’s campus community has a reliable and accurate source of information on ongoing labour relations and related negotiations. To support this, we will share information on the status of negotiations or related actions, and set the record straight in response to incomplete or misinformation here on this page.

Our first preference in any labour-related contract negotiation is to work together with the union to develop a collective agreement that supports a strong student-focussed, sustainable learning and research environment across all SFU campuses.

  • SFU-FA Update on Bargaining May 06, 2015

    The SFU and SFUFA bargaining teams have continued to meet every two weeks for bargaining sessions. Bargaining has begun with non-monetary items, and so far the parties have signed off on several articles dealing with mostly non-controversial matters. Discussions are ongoing regarding more substantial items, including a dispute resolution process and the disciplinary process. The parties will continue meeting every two weeks until the end of June.

  • SFU-TSSU Labour Update May 01, 2015

    An Essential Services Order was issued by the Labour Relations Board with an effective date of April 21, 2015. The Order that is now in place provides for minimum staffing levels required to maintain operations in the powerhouse and the animal care facilities, in the event of job action.

    SFU and TSSU bargaining teams are scheduled to meet again on May 13-15 and we hope those meetings will be productive in advancing proposals and moving toward a mutually agreed Collective Agreement that supports a strong student-focussed and sustainable learning and research environment across all SFU campuses.

  • SFU-TSSU Setting the Record Straight: Safety and Health April 22, 2015

    The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and campus community is a top priority at SFU. We fully support the right of all our SFU community members to work in a safe and secure environment, and appropriate and timely access to safety training for TSSU members.

    We had made significant progress in identifying mutually acceptable language on this subject before TSSU called a strike vote. The University looks forward to returning to the table to discuss language proposals.

  • SFU-TSSU Setting the Record Straight: Timely Payment of Wages April 22, 2015

    SFU complies with all BC Employment Standards, including those regarding timely payment of wages for all employees.

    Employees of the University holding TSSU appointments are also paid seamlessly and on-time.

    Some challenges arise occasionally during the first or second pay period,   particularly when new students arrive late for a semester and haven’t yet completed the necessary paperwork and/or arrive from international destinations without the documents necessary for them to register as employees.

    There can be further challenges as the academic calendar and payroll calendars do not necessarily align and as a result, occasionally some work done in one pay period will be paid in the subsequent pay period.

    The University has responded to TSSU’s proposal on the timely payment of wages but to date the Union has been unwilling to adjust their proposal to account for the operational challenges noted.

    The University remains committed to continuing to fully comply with Employment Standards.

  • SFU-TSSU Setting the Record Straight: Compensation and Benefits April 21, 2015

    The University has put forward a proposal to more effectively focus student members’ health and disability benefits to align with student needs and preferences. We believe many TSSU members who are students may have duplicate benefits coverage through the Collective Agreement and their Student Societies, or elsewhere. The University is proposing to review these students’ coverage with the TSSU at the bargaining table with the intention of converting them to pay in lieu of benefits. This proposal has the potential to provide a monetary increase for TSSU members.

    Although the University has not had an opportunity to discuss this proposal at length (monetary negotiations typically follow non-monetary discussions which, in this case, are not yet complete) we look forward to discussing our proposal which we believe would help many TSSU members without any negative impact on benefits coverage.