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Updated July 3, 2014

SFU Faculty and Librarians Approve Certification as a Union 
- this message was sent via email to SFU faculty and staff on May 15, 2014.

In May, members of the Faculty Association of Simon Fraser University voted to become a certified union under the BC Labour Relations Code. 

The results of the certification vote were as follows (the results are unofficial until confirmed by the Labour Relations Board):

Eligible voters: 1091
Votes cast: 800
Percentage turnout: 73%

The question voted upon was: “Do you want the Faculty Association of Simon Fraser University (SFUFA) to be recognized as a certified union, under the Labour Relations Code, to represent you in collective bargaining with your employer, the University?” 

Total ballots: 800
Spoiled ballots: 0
Valid ballots: 800
In favour: 590
Opposed: 210

As a result of the vote, the Administration and Faculty Association must now begin negotiation of the first collective agreement. 

The University Administration and Faculty Association respect the choice made by faculty members and librarians regarding their preferred form of representation. Both the Administration and the Association are committed to maintaining the positive working relationship we have enjoyed. 

Jonathan Driver 
Vice-President, Academic, Simon Fraser University 

Neil Abramson 
President, Faculty Association of SFU 

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