SFU and TSSU Proceed to Final Offer Selection Process, Student Grades to be Released

October 29, 2015

The TSSU membership has voted to approve a Final Offer Selection process. As part of the agreement about the process, the TSSU has committed to end its current strike activity and release the grades that have been withheld from students since the summer.
Students who are taking classes this fall semester will have their grades released by TAs and sessionals shortly. Students who had grades withheld during the summer semester will need to wait a short time longer in order to ensure their grades are appropriately calculated and tracked in the system. The University is prioritizing the return of grades to students as soon as possible, but this may take a few weeks. Further information will be provided to students once we have more details. The Registrar's office will also be issuing instructions to academic administrators about the process for submitting grades.
While the University works with the TSSU on returning grades to students, both parties will continue bargaining in the coming weeks on the remaining outstanding items. Issues that are not able to be resolved at the bargaining table will be referred to arbitrator Vince Ready as part of the Final Offer Selection process. The University is strongly committed to this process and anticipates a respectful and productive conclusion to bargaining.