SFU and TSSU Reach Agreement on Final Offer Selection Process Recommended by Vince Ready

October 22, 2015

The University and TSSU have signed a Memorandum of Agreement that defines how they will move towards a Final Offer Selection process. This will provide a mechanism for a full and final resolution of all the outstanding bargaining issues.

The TSSU bargaining committee has recommended that the TSSU membership accept referral of all unresolved issues to the agreed on Final Offer Selection process as outlined in Vince Ready‚Äôs earlier recommendations made on September 14. The Union is currently organizing a vote of its members to determine if the FOS process is acceptable.

If the vote is positive, the Union will cease all strike action and immediately release all grades and marking. The University will rescind its earlier notice regarding the termination of payment of benefits for TSSU members and will not initiate any lockouts, nor make any other modifications of the terms and conditions of employment. 

The University believes that this process will help both sides reach a fair and equitable collective agreement.